Trouble Tickets

My Asus PG279Q or Acer XB271HU G-Sync monitor doesn't display 165Hz or 144Hz.

These 2 monitors have an overclock mode, where you can try out refresh rates up to 165Hz. However, if you set an overclocked refresh rate, one that is higher than 144Hz, the 144Hz mode is removed, and replaced by the overclocked refresh rate, usually 165Hz.

So far so good.

But GPUs older than a GTX 960 don't support 165Hz. So if you have, say, a GTX 770, and you've enabled an overclock of 165Hz, the GPU won't be able to support that refresh rate, so it will remove that option in the control panel. The next available refresh rate will be 120Hz.

The 144Hz won't be shown because it wasn't listed in the first place.

Solution: if you have a GPU that's older than a GTX 960, don't enable the overclock mode in your monitor, and the 144Hz mode should appear.

What cable can I use when my computer if 25ft away from my 4k/60Hz monitor?

As explained in the Monitor Cable Bandwidth page, 4k/60Hz requires a 533MHz pixel clock. The only viable options are DisplayPort HBR2 or HDMI 2.0.

For HBR2, DisplayPort only specified cables up to 6ft. Anything longer is a gamble.

For HDMI, longer cables exist, but as of this writing, it's unclear how far they can go reliably such high clock speeds.

Solution: there isn't one for now.